Key to Supreme Success #7: You’re doing it wrong! – Start your day off like a millionaire!

Starting your day off right is a key to supreme success! Most average people either have no control over how they start their day or each day starts off totally different. We are here to tell you that this is a recipe that will not help you reach the success you are looking for. All millionaires are successful and successful people actually do the total opposite. All successful people start their days off with a routine! They have a specific routine that they go through each morning to start their day off on the right foot. The reason they start their day off with a routine is because it bring them structure and discipline. The structure and discipline that successful people get from having a morning routine propels them to do have great days and do great things. Here’s why: having structure to their morning has an effect on how the rest of their day will go and it gives them a structure mentality which leads to accomplishing everything they need to get done. Having discipline also has an effect on how the rest of their day will go because if they have the discipline to start their day off the right way then the rest of their day will go the same exact way by having the discipline to work towards reaching their goals every day. In turn having a routine that you stick to repeatedly each and every day will translate to success!

Here is an example of a daily morning routine of a Vice President from Michigan, USA (Use this to structure your routine!):

  1. Starts their day off with a positive affirmation (A saying that inspires and motivates them)
  2. Reviews their goals (To make sure they constantly know what they are working towards)
  3. Decides what the 3 most important things of the day are (This allows them to make sure they stay on track to accomplishing their goals)
  4. Takes 15-20 mins to nourish their mind/body by either reading, meditating or exercising (Health is wealth – have to take care of your mind/body)

Successful people also live by the mentality that the early bird gets the worm, knowing that getting an earlier start to the day gives them more time in the day than others and puts them ahead of the curve and a step above the competition. Starting the day with their own routine gives autonomy to do what they want to start the day off on the right foot which puts them in the right mindset to attack the day. Being in the right mindset leads to positive things happening and these positive things ultimately lead to them seeing success every day.

So whatever routine it is that you need to do in the morning to prepare yourself to have a great day, do it and watch the benefits of success start to show up! We are what we repeatedly do and if you repeatedly prepare yourself for success and to win the day you will be successful!

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