Key to Supreme Success #6: The Secret to creating a Mindset of Never Settling that generates Success!

We all have a motivational system inside of us and everyone should know that it works two ways. Here’s how: you generally feel good when you are succeeding at your goals and dreams and bad when you are not succeeding at your goals and dreams. The deeper your motivation runs to reach your goals and dreams the more determined you will be to achieve them. We all want to stay on the good side of this spectrum because not only does it feel good but it is the side that tells you that you are on the right path and that you are on the fastest track to reaching success. The thing we are looking to emphasize in this key to Supreme Success is always have the motivated mindset to NEVER SETTLE!

I think this goes without saying that everyone strives for greatness and wants to be successful in life. But the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t is they are motivated in their mindset to never settle. Successful people always stay motivated and when motivated they always continue to pursue their goals and dreams while they continue on to pursuit of success. They make up their mind that they are not going to settle for anything less than reaching Supreme Success. A great quote to put this into perspective comes from John Maxwell (@JohnCMaxwell) “Successful & Unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential”. Meaning that we all are the same but the difference is that successful people never settle for less while others do which in turn does not get them to where they want to be on the success latter.


There is no huge difference other than the things that are on the inside and that’s what matters the most. Each and every one of us has it inside of us, but it is up to us to channel that motivation and use it to stay on the path to success. The Motivation you have to have to Never Settle is a key part of your overall motivational system and it is something that we must stay dialed into. Let’s look at an analogy that I came up with to help you better understand. “Ignoring your motivation to never settle is like driving around in your car lost, not only refusing to ask for directions, but refusing to consult the map or your GPS, or even to look out of the windshield. You will still be moving forward, but who knows where you will end up.” We all know the answer to that is you will end up at a place where you did not intend to go. The same goes for never settling, if you refuse to settle for anything else than your goals and dreams you will always be on the road to success and stay on track to achieve your goals and dreams and ultimately reach Supreme Success faster.

Do not settle for mediocre or average with anything that you do in life. Here are two simple yet effective tactics you can use to never settle

1.) Hold yourself accountable to getting the best results out of every single thing that you do and strive to do the best you can do and be the best you can be in all facets of your life.

2.) When you catch yourself drifting towards settling or taking the easier route, slow down and take a 5 mins to reflect on what you want out of life and that you didn’t come this far to settle for anything less than getting everything you want.

Staying consistent and doing these things not only will you see your motivation to never settle jump right back in and take over but watch it stick around because of this strong mindset that you have developed and by using these best practices!

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