Key to Supreme Success #5: How to find success in your wins and losses!

The next key to success in our series is how to find success in your wins and losses! This key is vital to success because you always have to Keep Moving Forward and you do this by having a strong mindset of continuing to move forward no matter what happens along your journey. This is very crucial to reaching the Supreme Success that you are looking for in life!

This works two fold; with achievements and setbacks that occur in your life. Let’s start with the easier of the two, an achievement. Yes, it is great to celebrate the achievements that happen in your life and everyone should but what some people forget to do is to move on from them and push to accomplish more. After you achieve something, celebrate it, accept it move forward to create more wins in your life. Successful people don’t bask in the ambiance of one of their achievements meaning they don’t celebrate that achievement too long they are grateful upfront and then humble themselves and work for more once again. This is a key trait of successful people because they are never satisfied and know they are capable of more!

The flipside to that coin is to not dwell on setbacks that you face in life. Yes, everyone at some point in their life will face a setback but the key is to always remain positive and always continue to push forward not matter what. You have to stay positive when setbacks occur and have a strong mindset that a setback won’t last and resolve to change the next outcome to be an achievement. The quicker you are able to get that all the setbacks that you encounter are lessons that you can learn from the quicker you will reach success. All successful people have got to where they are because they take each setback that they have faced and accepted it and learned from it. Successful people’s ability to gain knowledge from their setbacks is the difference them and an average person. The key is to not get discouraged or lose sight of your vision; there will always be wins and losses along the road to success but it is your job to navigate the waters while still keeping a strong mindset!

A great sports analogy that comes to mind is having the next play mentality. Whether the previous play was great or bad you have to move forward and on to the next play in the game and do your best to make the next play great no matter what has happened in the past. No matter what life throws at you something that all successful people are good at is moving forward through achievements and setbacks and have continued to reach new heights!

MySupremeSuccess Action Item: When you face some adversity quietly use this affirmation to push through “A minor setback sets up a major comeback” meaning that a small setback will only help set the stage for you to have a big comeback and prevail victorious!

A-minor-setback-sets-up (1)

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