How to reach Supreme Success: Key #2 – Take Risks!

Make the first move – Take a risk and make it happen!

  1. One of the fundamental things that people miss when it comes to success is they are afraid to take that first risk. In order to be successful you must make the first move towards success, success is not going to come to you!
  2. If you think about it, you’ve always heard people say this statement “Good things come to those who wait.” But I beg to differ, I think there is a small change we can make to this statement that will speed up the clock on your success! I believe the correct statement is “Good things come to those who HUSTLE”! Making this small change to a phrase that you’ve heard people tell you over and over for a very long time can change your whole trajectory towards success.
  3. Here’s why: It’s awesome to wait on your success and pay your dues but a lot of people mistake waiting for patience. The difference between these two is that when you are waiting you aren’t doing much you are most likely sitting back waiting on something to happen for you. That is not the right way to go about reaching your Supreme Success. This period of time actually is when you should be doing the opposite and go out and make it happen! Get out there and work hard to turn your dreams into a reality. When you are patient but still have your eyes on the prize you are not just simply waiting on things to happen for you, you are out there hustling and putting in hard work to MAKE things happen for you!
  4. The biggest difference between waiting and patience are that while you are waiting there is no action, you are just resting and hoping for success to fall into your lap. While you are patient you are still taking actions and steps towards your goals and allowing your actions lead you to manifesting the supreme success that you have been dreaming of!
  5. In closing always remember, whatever it is you want to do – YOU have to go out and take the first step towards it! Listen, I know it could be scary and I know it could seem risky but if you think about every successful person that is out there in the world (i.e. Steve Jobs, Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Mark Cuban, Tai Lopez, Oprah, and Dan Gilbert) they all began on their path to SupremeSuccess by taking that first step/first risk towards making their dreams come true! You have that same energy in you and can do the same thing! Go chase your dreams!



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