How to reach success in 30 Days: The First Key to Supreme Success!

Welcome to MySupremeSuccess!

Our first blog post will show you how to reach success in 30 days! Check out the First Key to Supreme Success.

By Starting out with this first key you will begin to set yourself up for the Supreme Success that you desire in life!

  1. Believe in yourself
    1. The first thing that you can start to do when beginning your journey to success is believe in yourself. Having a strong belief in your abilities will set up you to accomplish anything you put your mind to. Don’t worry about what everyone around you says – If you can believe it, you can achieve it! Here is a quote from Norman Vincent Peale that perfectly explains the belief you must have in yourself.1
    2. Mindset is a huge part of success. Have an unwavering believe in not only yourself but in all of your abilities. In everything that you do and encounter in life approach it with the mindset that “you can do it”. Have the confidence that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Having this confidence will set you up for a positive outcome.
    3. A key step that Successful People do on a daily basis is daily affirmations, this shows the continual believe they have in themselves.
    4. MySupremeSuccess Step #1: Create a 30 Second Letter to yourself about what you believe is possible in your life! This 30 Second Letter is a daily opportunity for you to sell yourself to yourself! Create your letter based off of the guide below. Replace DJ with your own name and begin to have the belief in yourself that you can have Supreme Success!
    5. Here’s a look at mine: I read this every morning before I start my dathumbnail_Sell yourself letter 
    6. After you have created your 30 Second Letter to yourself, hang it somewhere that you look at and will read it every single day. This could be on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, on your door, or above your desk at work. It is vital to read this every single day because it will day by day begin to re-shape your mind and give you an ultimate belief in yourself which in turn will allow you to begin to accomplish the things you’ve always wanted to!



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